When did the True Nature of the Soul Begin to Fade?

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If you want to change your world, you need to change your consciousness. You want to move out from the world of Illusions and step into the word of Reality. The reality of who you really are. Your True Nature. Your hu-mane Ego will try to convince you otherwise but your soul knows better. The Pillars of Light are now here to help us remember. Just pay attention.


Bell Rock – December 2012

I took this picture,on the left, on December 22, 2012 and only saw the light after taking the picture. Climbing the Bell Rock of Sedona, I allowed myself to stop and listen. No particular reason for taking the picture at that moment, except for this strong energy I was feeling around me and in me. I knew I was surrounded by something much more powerful  then the view.

To change our consciousness,we need to be aware and accept that we are all connected as Energies. It is your choice to stay in low density vibrations or to raise your vibrations. It is your thoughts, your beliefs, your judgements that are limiting your vibrations to expand. Change your thoughts and your beliefs and you will change your world.

The time is now. We are surrounded with Love. Accept the Truth of who you are and Let it BE.


Pillars of Light -

Pillars of Light  – January 2, 2015