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There is a space that exists within you, that wants to be discovered.

I lived most of my life trusting and hiding behind my best friend: My Invulnerability. I have been an entrepreneur, an innovator and, creator. I had multiple parallel careers: model, TV host, DJ, personal trainer, flight attendant, business, etc.

One day, I lost it all. My business, my vision, my purpose, my self-esteem, my self-confidence, my reason of being. I kept on hiding, pretending that I was okay, that everything would be fine. Until the day, I could not hide it anymore. My, Invulnerability, had abandoned me. I found a new friend whom convinced me that I was worth it, that I deserved to be loved, that it was okay to be sensitive and fragile at times, and that being authentic to myself and to others, I was actually opening doors to real relationships and true friendships. I want to thank you my friend, my Vulnerability.

I have discovered my true source of pure energy and uncovered the source of my Ego fear. Quite a journey it’s been and still is. Blessed and grateful I AM. Thank you.

Today my goal is to keep on inspiring and guiding you, the one who is ready to move on to the discovery of who you are. Do I have all the answers for you? No. YOU do. YOU have all the answers inside of you. You just need a little help and some guidance to find your way.

Just click the DOWNLOAD button above, fill out the short form and send back to me to schedule your FREE Session.


What is in a Birthday?

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Your Birth-Day is the day, when you have decided to separate from the rest of the universe, to make it on your own. Very much like when you were a teenager and could not wait to get away from your parents and, from under their wings. Finally, on my own, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want“.  You are on a mission of your own! So you think.

This unique mission of yours, has been planned for you, long time before you decided to separate. You step into this physical world with passion, unconditional love, curiosity, eagerness to create, high spirited and trust that you will succeed. Trial and errors will teach you otherwise. You will fall and get up again, you will fail, be discouraged and rebuilt your courage, you will curse and you will pray. You will feel all alone, not worth it, let down, doubtful, angry and afraid.

Until you decide to STOP and Reconnect. 

Reconnect to the only truth of who you are, reconnect to your supreme mission, reconnect to your source.

I trust, Birth-Days are a Time to Reflect and Introspect. 

Are you on track or have you deviated? Are you clear or confused on the purpose of your decisions and actions? What is blocking you or slowing you down?  Are you accomplishing what you came here for? If not, why not?

This is why I have created this Coaching program.


To help you reach your ultimate goal NOW, in 2019.

Together we will identify your limiting beliefs, and identify the root cause of such beliefs. Once that is done, you will be able to create a new set of opinions, perspective versus beliefs. Questioning, is key here.

Fill out the form below and we will immediately dive in. No more procrastination. See you on the other side.




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I had my first encounter with them in 1994. I did not have a clue they were going to become my teachers. All I knew, was that I had to be with them. And each and every time I was with them something magical would happen. Not magical like a magic trick but more like a big letting go, a surrendering. Now, in 2018, they still teach me. Bringing it further and deeper all the time. This is the teaching, and the guidance I want to offer you.



Just fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 12 hours. And this, will be to set a first discovery call between you and me, no matter where you are in the world.  I will send you a link, no worries.

To command you on taking the first step, you will also receive the first three chapters of my book SOAR with heart-fullness – keys to a meaningful life, in PDF form.

Once you signed up for this very exclusive coaching you will receive a paper back copy of my book.  SOAR with heart-fullness will become your road map to keep you on track for 2019 and more.


Tired of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching that doesn’t take you anywhere, except for deeper in debt? I’ve been there done that. I understand.

I have also spent thousand of dollars on true coaching, where not one word is spoken, and all the answers are found. And trust me, it feels wonderful and very liberating. No coaches has the answers for you. YOU have all the answers.   You just need a little guidance to uncover them.

We are here for you. Just fill out the form above, and we can start right away.

See you on the other side.



Let me share a secret…

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Please tell me where you would like to go and what you would like to talk about?

No more nice days!

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What? What do you mean no more nice days?


What I mean is, that now is the time to turn off the automatic pilot completely, when you wish someone a nice day. You don’t even think about what you are wishing, anyway. It has become mechanical. It’s exactly the same when someone asks you: How are you? I am good, thank you. And you? Does the one asking, really wants to know how you are? What if you would answer: Oh! Things are really bad. The one asking the question would probably find millions of excuses to get away from you and your stories.

Do you consciously take the time to be with how you feel, how you are when someone asks you this routine question? Does your answer truly reflect how you feel? Or is it simply a robotic action/reaction?

What if you would replace ‘nice day’ for ‘meaningful’ day? What if you would start your day by wishing yourself a meaningful day, and really meaning it? And for each person, you meet that day you wish them the same. I wish you a day that means something.!  WOW! You would have a lot more stop and be in the moment versus action/reaction situations.

My book SOAR with heart-fullness – keys to a meaningful life is here to remind you of this and to help you stay focused.


Until today, you have lived a life that you have needed, you have accepted and which you have decided upon.(unconsciously perhaps?)

You have needed for your own growth and realization of self.

You have accepted either in joy or in defeatism.

Have decided upon subconsciously.

By choosing to live a meaningful day, it’s not just about you anymore. It is about making a difference, a positive inspiring impact with everything that you do; even in your stillness!

I wish you a Meaningful Day All-Ways!

What You Have is What You Want

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Until today, you have lived a life that you have needed, you have accepted and which you have decided upon.

You have needed for your own growth and realization of self. You have accepted either in joy or in defeatism. Or you have decided upon it, subconsciously and unconsciously? Which one is it?


The painting in a frame holds the vision of something. Unfortunately that vision is very limited. Imagine the vast ocean being held in a tight frame? Imagine the deep blue sky shining of only a few stars?  Get a bigger frame and you can see so much more. What holds this limiting frame together? The history. Or more precisely your history. Your history of perceptions. Perceptions on things that happened; perceptions of a necessary external illusion, perceptions of things that happened to you or if you are a little more aware you know it happened for you. Nevertheless, you still hold a special frame around them.

Are you ready to learn more and let go of more? And of course when I say this, I really mean, are you ready to re-member and embrace?  All the knowing is inside of you, as you are Knowing.           Are you willing to accept that all things happen through you as they are YOU? I call this Seeing Beyond the frame. Seeing beyond the limitations we have created for ourselves, between ourselves. I see it everyday on YouTube and Facebook. Parents posting videos of their children at their special school where they are taught to think they are different from other children, through their race, their culture, their language, their politics, their History. Does this limiting history teach them how we are all one? Does it teach them that you and them are only words and that I is the ultimate? Does it teach them that when you hurt or judge someone, you only judge and hurt yourself as I?

Limiting History repeats itself over and over again and will continue to do so until WE stop it. And of course WE is I.


See beyond the frame and BE. See beyond the frame and stop the histories. See beyond the frame and all separations vanishes.

Beliefs are thoughts that we don’t question anymore

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“What if for every thought that you have, or had, you could create a whole new story about it, and therefore, change you whole belief system? What if you were to start questioning  every thought you have, right now? You can begin with questioning your thought about the possibility of questioning every thought you have.” Excerpt from my new book Soar with heart-fullness.



So what do you say? Are you ready to start questioning? Are you ready to start a deeper inquiry with yourself? It does’nt have to be complicated. You can start with:

  • What do I want for myself?
  • What do I no longer want or need?
  • What have agreed to that is not working anymore?
  • What beliefs do I have that are stopping me in life?

We live in a world where there is so much limitations, will you say? And we need to respect those limitations. What if you knew that these limitations are simply our own creation. We are creating this world of limitations, as part of our physical experience. Be with this for a moment.

When you let your imagination go wild, as we say, everything and anything is possible, right? It’s like in your dreams. You can fly. You can fly as a bird. We all had that dream.  Well, the reality of who we really are, finds limit-less from with-in not from with-out.

Therefore, if we are limit-less it is really our thoughts that are limiting, right?

Will you help me today?

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Will you help me today?

Today is Martin Luther King Holiday in the USA. What a great man he was, and what a Visionary!  He had a BIG DREAM!!!

What about you? Do you have a big dream? Or maybe a couple of small dreams? Are you doing anything to make them happen? Did you make a detailed plan on how you are going to do it? Or, are you  still putting yourself on the ‘back burner’ and letting everything and everybody else take ‘front stage’? And this has nothing to do with the EGO. It has to do with you, living in LOVE versus FEAR. It is all about you, stepping out of your limiting beliefs and starting embracing your true values.  We all have similar fundamental values and, the meaning invested in each one of them is to support us in some way. We value food because it feeds our physical body, we value our house because it keeps us warm, we value a good job because it provides for our family, we value this and that…that’s all great. But what about giving value to what’s inside?  When was the last time you said to yourself or to others: ‘I value my Soul’?

How do you know when you are not standing in your worth?


You just know!


So, how can you help me today?

You can help me  today by helping me spread my message of LOVE and Letting GO! Letting go of control, of limiting beliefs, of illusionary values and embrace a Life that makes a difference, YOUR LIFE.

You can help me today by going to and buying my new book SOAR with heart-fullness – keys to live a meaningful life.


You might even want to buy two or three of them and ‘pay it forward‘ to someone else; someone who needs and wants help and just don’t know how to ask.  It is a small book, journal/workbook style, with a simple but very deep inquiry for you to do, if STANDING IN YOUR WORTH is one of your values.  In my book, I even offer a FREE private strategy session to the reader. When you buy the book on please send me a copy of the receipt, and if you feel like it, maybe you can also tell me the real reason why you decided to buy it, and you will automatically become a member of the SOAR Movement. *More on this later.   If you don’t want to send me the receipt and tell me why, that’s fine too. I will be in ‘heart-fullness‘ of you.

Today, is a very unique day for me. So, will you help me make it even more outstanding?

I would like to leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King:  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Have a magical day!

And make sure to Get Curious. Be Outrageous!

You Are a Powerful Source!

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Why not use it to inspire? Inspire others to find their own voice, to find their W.H.Y.

In my forthcoming book SOAR with heart-fullness, I explain how “your W.H.Y is the reason you get up in the morning. It is the eternal child wonder that you carry in your heart and sparkle in your eyes. It is unquestionably what keeps you going when the going gets tough. Remember Billy Ocean’s song?  Take a look.  It is what makes you give the best and be the best of who you are. Your W.H.Y is the fuel, the energy, the spirit behind everything that you do.”2017-01-04_1015

Let’s take a look at the word purpose for a second. Pur-pose: pur [for] pose [pause]. Let’s take a pause together and remember together. We think that our purpose is so different from anyone else’s. But we are just kidding ourselves. The common denominator of human beings is to LOVE and to be LOVED. Therefore, we only need to discover how we want to give and receive that LOVE. Each one of us has received unique gifts, through which, we are to guide others to do the same.

I am dedicated and committed to help you remember your W.H.Y, own your Truth and tap into the Powerful Source that you are. 

Today I am inviting you to ask yourself this question: What will I do today to embrace my vulnerability, to authentically invite love into my life?

I am also invite you to join the SOAR Movement by adding your comments, questions or answers below. I will get back to each and everyone of you and for the first five persons who will post an honest loving comment, you will receive a FREE copy of my book SOAR with heart-fullness – keys to a meaningful life, when it comes out on January 17, 2017.

Will it be you?



Resolutions or not?

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Another year is coming to it’s end…2016 is almost done. How was it for you? Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve? Did you do everything you wanted to do, did you go everywhere you wanted to go, did you say everything you wanted to say, did you mean everything you said and did?  How much of your list is left undone? What are you going to do about it, in the next couple of weeks?

What about choosing the most meaningful thing and focus on it for the next two weeks? It’s not that difficult you know. You just need to want it bad enough to make it happen. Either it is something for you or for someone else, but it needs to be Meaningful!




My new book SOAR with heart-fullness will teach you just that. It will actually guide you step by step into living a meaningful life.

Stay tuned for more. It will be available at the beginning of the year.