The Unknown is so so much better!

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The Unknown is so so much better!

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In my book SOAR with Vulnerability I talk about the “Security of the Unknown versus the Security of the Known“.

As you read this simple phrase, don’t you feel the limitation of the second option? For me it is so huge. Imagine if you would live in the known all the time?! How boring it would be. No more discovery to make, no more exploration, no more adventure, no more wondering or questioning, no more opportunity to grow and expand. You know it all after all! You have already created this comfort zone space where there is no more place for anything else. Your blackboard is filled with formulas and information, beliefs and habits that define your life.

On the other side, the Unknown is the most exciting and creative playground. There are no rules or limitations of what can be done.  The sky is the limit! And of course it is LOL. As you let anything and everything that wants to unfold, unfold. You are called to step outside of your comfort zone? It is because you can.  When you engage in the playground of the unknown, it creates different and stimulating experiences for expansion. Expansion to your ultimate place of knowing.

So next time before saying no to a new experience, embrace the opportunity to get closer to your higher knowing. Until then, be happy and excited to say: I don’t know.

Below, you can listen to the Audio Preface of my book

Please feel free to comment and send me your insights about the Unknown! Let’s start this new adventure and explore together.