Do You Feel Your Aliveness?

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Do You Feel Your Aliveness?

For many years of my life I acted as if I was Invulnerable. I did not want to get hurt, did not want the people around me to really get to know me, because they might discover my weaknesses and start pushing my buttons, did not want to show my embarrassments and definitely did not want to show my fears. And I had a few! What a world of illusion I had created for myself.  Hiding behind a wall of Invulnerability, when the true essence of who I am, love, sensitivity, openness, compassion was ‘dying’ to come out and, live it’s wonderful experience.

One day I  got no choice but to let go and surrender.  I had just lost my self created company, OraOxygen.  You can find all about it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability but what I did not know is that I had lost a lot more than my company.




I had lost my self-esteem, my self confidence, my passion, my purpose, my self. My Invulnerability was not my protector anymore.

Thank God I woke up and decided to embrace my Vulnerability! This was the miracle day. NO more fear, no more pretense, no more hiding, no more wall..only openness in complete authenticity.

I never thought I had a story to tell. Or a message that could change people’s life. But I do! And I dared share it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability.

And I want to invite you to do the same. Stop hiding, stop lying to yourself, stop struggling and start living NOW by sharing your pain, your challenges, your story, your message…YOU.

It is time to shine your own Light!      I use to believe that spirituality and money doesn’t work together.  How wrong was I?  WOW!  Mother Teresa all-ways had all the money she needed to fulfill her purpose and mission.  I have created this new program just for you.

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It is available NOW for the first time.  Together we will find your true message, clarify your vision even if it is not clear right now, write an Ebook, change your old mindset,

find your audience;  the one who is anxious to hear your message and be inspired by it.

You will learn how to publish your book and leave a legacy to the ones you love, how to market your book, how to create different products, how to take ACTION.

So if you are really ready to make a difference in YOUR world and the world of others, join me for this exciting adventure of embracing the unknown.

Just email and say I AM READY! I AM AUTHENTIC!