Merry Christmas – A Special Message

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Merry Christmas – A Special Message


What is Christmas and what does it mean to you? What does it mean to be in the Christmas Spirit?

I see a lot of people filling out the malls, like the new mall around us at our house in Florida, crazy busy and so much traffic; everyone seems to want to get a last minute gift for a loved one.

Last minute shopping, last minute preparation, last minute decisions, last minute…..rushing, rushing, rushing!

When in reality the biggest gift of all that you can give does NOT need any preparation,  or any rushing to.  It is always there inside of you, for you to give.

You are the gift, you are Love! Boundless love to share and expand even more on this special time of the year. A celebration of love where our choice and ability to connect with others is amplified, where listening with our true heart, our true self comes naturally, allowing us to see the divine beauty in all and everyone.

The Light is in each one of us all-ways! Even in the most challenging family member, friend or colleague.

So why not try it just for today and see how it feels. Keep the judgements, the meaningless opinions, the contradictions, in a safety box for the day. And just be the Love that you are.

Listen more than you talk, give more than you receive, witness more than  you act, be more than you do. Just be fully present in this incredible humane and universal connection.

You never know,  you might discover something amazing and decide to keep on doing it for 2015.

Wishing you a wonderful magical day!

In Loving Light,