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There is a space that exists within you, that wants to be discovered.

I lived most of my life trusting and hiding behind my best friend: My Invulnerability. I have been an entrepreneur, an innovator and, creator. I had multiple parallel careers: model, TV host, DJ, personal trainer, flight attendant, business, etc.

One day, I lost it all. My business, my vision, my purpose, my self-esteem, my self-confidence, my reason of being. I kept on hiding, pretending that I was okay, that everything would be fine. Until the day, I could not hide it anymore. My, Invulnerability, had abandoned me. I found a new friend whom convinced me that I was worth it, that I deserved to be loved, that it was okay to be sensitive and fragile at times, and that being authentic to myself and to others, I was actually opening doors to real relationships and true friendships. I want to thank you my friend, my Vulnerability.

I have discovered my true source of pure energy and uncovered the source of my Ego fear. Quite a journey it’s been and still is. Blessed and grateful I AM. Thank you.

Today my goal is to keep on inspiring and guiding you, the one who is ready to move on to the discovery of who you are. Do I have all the answers for you? No. YOU do. YOU have all the answers inside of you. You just need a little help and some guidance to find your way.

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