Are we too busy to live in the moment?

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Are we too busy to live in the moment?

Does it take catastrophic events like the plane crash in Ukraine to wake us up?

mh17-wreckage3   I was a Flight Attendant for 26 years and I never ever thought that going to work was that dangerous. On the contrary! It was exciting. Travelling around the world, meeting new people, exploring new cultures,  tasting exotic food from all the different countries and trying something new all the time. I was well trained to handle all type of emergencies: turbulence, evacuation, medical and even, misbehaving passenger. And there was many of those. Preparing for emergency landing,  restraining ties on one or more passengers, heavy turbulence, weather challenges, name it. And of course I feel totally blessed that every time I got to get back home. Sometimes much later then the expected time but I still made it. Alive and well. Thank you. Thank you Universe to be there with my time schedule on your lap. Now this?  Or should I say what for, how and why this? A missile? Seriously? This plane was probably filled with people going to visit Bali, the “Island of the Gods“.

What is our world thinking? What are we doing?

 When are we going to stop and start breathing in the moment of every thought we have, every move we make, every action we take?  When are we ever conscious of our breathing?                                                                                                     When I had my oxygen spas in airport, I stated in one of our promotions that: Oxygen was a little bit like sex. You do not think about it until do NOT have enough. And this is only sex and oxygen.:)   What about love, compassion, truth, reality, honesty, etc…. What are we doing with this wonderful life that has been given to us and which we have accepted to experienced fully? What are we teaching to each other, to our families, our children’s, our grandchildren s? peoplemourn   I find myself tonight, last night, and probably for the next while, in a state of stupor  of the  human violence.

We are the world . We create all this. All thoughts and decisions come from us.

All actions are initiated by us. 

I often find myself in position of anger, frustration, impatient, intolerance, etc…It happened to me today with technology challenges. But the bottom line, after I had the chance to “vent” or release my anger, frustration and all, without hurting anyone. I did a tremendous cleaning of my office, I vented to my sweetheart making sure he knew it was not about him, then I could allow for the true feeling behind the anger to come at the surface- FEAR

Fear (anger) is usually followed by tears, sadness, regrets, but all-ways conclude n LOVE if you surrender to your true essence.  And I could talk to you more about this….

I WANT to BE with all of these emotions in TRUTH, then and only then,

can I surrender to the super essence of who I am.

Thank you for listening. May we all-ways find each  other in the light.