Vulnerability is your door to Freedom

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Some of you might think that what I meant to say is: ¨You are only vulnerable when you are in fear¨ But I did not. Think about it. ¨You are only invulnerable when you are in fear¨
Be with the moments where you pretended to be invulnerable. Weren’t you in fear of something or someone? Of course. Now, be with the moments where you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Weren’t you with someone your trusted, someone that really cared about you? Of course.
It is time to give the word Vulnerability, it’s true definition and teach others to do the same, so together we can have and make a big difference in each others life.

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The start of the SOAR project is an inspiring movement that creates a ripple effect on how we live our lives and engage with who we really are. So please don’t hesitate to post your comments, questions or even your own insights on Vulnerability. Keep an eye open at the beginning of 2014 for own web TV show.