Vulnerability is key!

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Vulnerability is key!

And now we have Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and Barak Obama, President of the United States, allowing their Vulnerability to come through. How refreshing!



In my book SOAR with Vulnerability I say that Vulnerability is your strength, your untainted power. And that you are only Invulnerable when you are in fear.

Perhaps we are starting to realize that vulnerability brings us closer together, and that invulnerability separates us. Didn’t you feel closer to Justin Trudeau when he started crying? Of course you did. And what about when Barak Obama’s ‘poker face’ disappeared or should I say, as mentioned on CNN, when President Spock cracked?
Vulnerability works hand in hand with Authenticity. They cannot be separated.

2016 the year to live your life in Authentic Vulnerability and Vulnerable Authenticity! WOW!
Are you ready to get closer and let yourself be loved for who you truly are? Are you willing to surrender and allow forgiveness to take place?
Authenticity matters, and it matters today more then it ever did.


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