What does it mean to find Your Voice, your Message?

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What does it mean to find Your Voice, your Message?

Finding your true message might seem quite difficult for some and easier for others. It depends on many factors. These factors could take you back as far as your childhood, the country your were born in, the culture you were raised within, your innate temperament, single child versus multiple siblings, etc.

As a child, were you encourage to express yourself and develop your own opinions or were you raised to follow your parents beliefs? Were you born in a country where if you were not a man, you had no rights and no say on anything? Were you born with an introvert temperament versus extravert and have been keeping all your feelings inside?

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Nevertheless, the way to find your voice is the same exercise for everyone. We all have our Guru within, who knows the answers to all.

So in order to find your true message, you want to:

First, find something  you really care about. Something that you are truly passionate about: either it pisses you off, makes you tremendously happy, or disturbs  you greatly. It is something that you believe in with all your heart and when shared with people, you create an instant bond and easy connection. You talk about it freely and are not afraid of sharing all angles of your POV.

Second, be still and stop all the other voices that are shattering in your head. They are mostly coming from fear therefore your ego. These voices are trying to gear you in the wrong direction by scaring you with the opinions of others, and their judgments. Stand still and dare speak your true voice.

Third, dare step it up and leave a legacy.  Choose the medium (book, business, blog, newsletter, etc) you feel most comfortable with, and start sharing your wisdom, your expertise, your gift.

Someone out there is anxiously waiting for your message!

Don’t know where to start, just post a comment and I will get you on your way! 🙂