What are You Experiencing right NOW?

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Living in Concious Awareness of the experience is something that we all need to practice. Most of us choose to live in the busy-ness of the experience, therefore on the superficiality of it and out of the moment.

Similar type of experiences will probably keep on coming back until we learn from each one of them. And to learn from them, we need to totally surrender.

Are you Over-IT?

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Over iT  –  (you have the image right?)


We all have an “iT” to get over, some challenge in life that seems difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. This may be a problem with health, a past trauma, or stressful situation in our finances or career. Sometimes the “iT” stems from broken relationships or negative judgments we’ve encountered during our journey. In this award winning book Mary combines lighthearted personal stories with ancient wisdom keys. She shares life-changing insights that will help you drive away the dark shadows from your life and break free from whatever is holding you back from your full potential. These keys transformed Mary and they can change your life! – Link to – Link to my Website Book Page

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A God for All Seasons:

Inspiration and Reflection for All Times, is based on Ecclesiastes 3 and takes the reader on a yearlong journey, month by month. Starting with winter, the book moves through the natural seasons of the year. Each chapter correlates with a month and offers personal testimony and insights for the various spiritual seasons that we all experience. The theme of the book is that God’s love and presence is with us through every time and every season of our lives.

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Drink Wine and Giggle (101 ways girlfriends can connect, have fun and be inspired) combines friendship and personal growth in a collection of easy-to-follow activities that have been tested and proven to turn girlfriend get-togethers into life-shifting experiences.


The activities in DWAG include short projects, exercises or excursions. The book is divided into four sections—mind, body, soul and funny bone—with twenty-five activities in each. The perfect get-together companion, Drink Wine and Giggle uses the power of girlfriends to inspire women to get the life they deserve.


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It is Really 10 Months

No one ever tells you about all of the crap that happens to you when you’re pregnant.

We are three thirty-something women who were fortunate enough to be pregnant at the same time. We began sharing our questions, fears, humor, and experiences through emails, which became a lifeline and virtual support group. We are here to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of our experiences.

This book is for anyone who wants to have fun, who wants to laugh, who wants to know what it is like to be afraid for your baby, who doesn’t mind poking fun at herself, who can lay it all out there. Even if you never have any intention of being pregnant, you can laugh with us – or at us.








Mercury in Retrograde



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SOAR in Conscious Awareness

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Conscious Awareness

Living your life in conscious awareness also brings this new possibility of the more powerful, security of the unknown versus the security of the known.

Once you realize this, you also realize how cliche this phrase is: “Afraid of the unknown”  How can you be afraid of what you do NOT know?  Impossible. Nevertheless it doesn’t stop anyone to keep on limiting themselves behind this short little phrase. These words of theirs, have become a belief.

I Need Do Nothing

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Really? What do you mean?

I talk about it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability: from the moment you think you need something, you are coming from this place of lack or this place of perception of lack.  And this is really what you want to look at: the Perception. 

Perception is only perception. It is NOT real. Just like opinion is just that, an  opinion. Does it make it the truth or reality? Of course not. It only makes it real or true to the one who believes in it. The ultimate truth can never be shaken or destroy. Oh! Of course some people have tried in the past and are still trying. The truth is truth will prevail it all. It is not our humanely decision. It is not even our life. Ouch! I know I still need to work through this myself .

It is not my life. It is Life coming through me . But boy, did I buy into the illusion of believing that this is my life. I feel like I am on a roller coaster between the illusion and the truth, the truth and the illusion.

What does it mean to find Your Voice, your Message?

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What does it mean to find Your Voice, your Message?

Finding your true message might seem quite difficult for some and easier for others. It depends on many factors. These factors could take you back as far as your childhood, the country your were born in, the culture you were raised within, your innate temperament, single child versus multiple siblings, etc.

As a child, were you encourage to express yourself and develop your own opinions or were you raised to follow your parents beliefs? Were you born in a country where if you were not a man, you had no rights and no say on anything? Were you born with an introvert temperament versus extravert and have been keeping all your feelings inside?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.58.57 PM

Nevertheless, the way to find your voice is the same exercise for everyone. We all have our Guru within, who knows the answers to all.

So in order to find your true message, you want to:

First, find something  you really care about. Something that you are truly passionate about: either it pisses you off, makes you tremendously happy, or disturbs  you greatly. It is something that you believe in with all your heart and when shared with people, you create an instant bond and easy connection. You talk about it freely and are not afraid of sharing all angles of your POV.

Second, be still and stop all the other voices that are shattering in your head. They are mostly coming from fear therefore your ego. These voices are trying to gear you in the wrong direction by scaring you with the opinions of others, and their judgments. Stand still and dare speak your true voice.

Third, dare step it up and leave a legacy.  Choose the medium (book, business, blog, newsletter, etc) you feel most comfortable with, and start sharing your wisdom, your expertise, your gift.

Someone out there is anxiously waiting for your message!

Don’t know where to start, just post a comment and I will get you on your way! 🙂

Finding Your Voice!

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Have you ever watched the TV show the Voice?  I think it is in all language right now. But the best one is always the original right?

imagesI have to say that my favourite season was when Usher &  Shakira were there together. So much passion and authenticity from both of them.                             What makes this reality TV show so popular? Besides helping someone’s dream come true?

It helps you remember that you too have a story to tell. You have your unique message inside of you that needs to be heard. A voice to express your uniqueness. It is time to own it and stop hiding behind your self-defeating excuses.

People are waiting for you message, for the inspiration that only you can give them.

What will it be? A song, a book, a blog?  It doesn’t matter. Just follow your heart and make it happen. It is much easier than you think and you will help change people’s lives and transform yours. If you do not want to do it for yourself, do it for the person that desperately need to hear your words of wisdom. Your life experiences makes you the expert on very specific matters.

My new program Your Message is Your Money Machine is here to show you the 5 Easy Steps process to follow so you can rapidly and effectively, overcome the confusion and challenges of not knowing where and how to start.

In the celebration of who you are and WHY you are here,


National Patriots’ Day in Quebec and…

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National Patriots’ Day in Quebec and…

imgresVictoria Day in other provinces in Canada. Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25. It honours Queen Victoria’s birthday.

What is National Patriot’s DayNational Patriots’ Day has been held as a provincial statutory holiday since May 19, 2003, replacing another holiday known as la Fête de Dollard (Dollard Day), which was held in honour of the 17th century soldier Adam Dollard des Ormeaux. NPD commemorate the democracy and patriotic struggles for freedom from the British rule during 1837–1838. And being in Quebec this week-end, this is the holiday I will celebrate. 

So what is there to celebrate so many years later?  For me, it is a reflection on how people with strong POV (point of views) can make a difference in life. Not only for themselves but even for a whole province or country.

Is having a strong POB, stubbornness and close minded?  Of course not, as long as you are willing and open to listen to other people with different POV. Each one of us have reasons, life experiences, surrounding that influences our point of views on different topics.

As an example I have a big POV on Integrity. I can listen and hear other peoples’ opinion on integrity and honesty, but nothing will break or make me step out of my state of being in harmony, in integrity with who I am as a whole first and honest, authentic with the world around me.

What do you stand for?

Have a great Holiday!




Do You Feel Your Aliveness?

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Do You Feel Your Aliveness?

For many years of my life I acted as if I was Invulnerable. I did not want to get hurt, did not want the people around me to really get to know me, because they might discover my weaknesses and start pushing my buttons, did not want to show my embarrassments and definitely did not want to show my fears. And I had a few! What a world of illusion I had created for myself.  Hiding behind a wall of Invulnerability, when the true essence of who I am, love, sensitivity, openness, compassion was ‘dying’ to come out and, live it’s wonderful experience.

One day I  got no choice but to let go and surrender.  I had just lost my self created company, OraOxygen.  You can find all about it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability but what I did not know is that I had lost a lot more than my company.




I had lost my self-esteem, my self confidence, my passion, my purpose, my self. My Invulnerability was not my protector anymore.

Thank God I woke up and decided to embrace my Vulnerability! This was the miracle day. NO more fear, no more pretense, no more hiding, no more wall..only openness in complete authenticity.

I never thought I had a story to tell. Or a message that could change people’s life. But I do! And I dared share it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability.

And I want to invite you to do the same. Stop hiding, stop lying to yourself, stop struggling and start living NOW by sharing your pain, your challenges, your story, your message…YOU.

It is time to shine your own Light!      I use to believe that spirituality and money doesn’t work together.  How wrong was I?  WOW!  Mother Teresa all-ways had all the money she needed to fulfill her purpose and mission.  I have created this new program just for you.

New adv2


It is available NOW for the first time.  Together we will find your true message, clarify your vision even if it is not clear right now, write an Ebook, change your old mindset,

find your audience;  the one who is anxious to hear your message and be inspired by it.

You will learn how to publish your book and leave a legacy to the ones you love, how to market your book, how to create different products, how to take ACTION.

So if you are really ready to make a difference in YOUR world and the world of others, join me for this exciting adventure of embracing the unknown.

Just email and say I AM READY! I AM AUTHENTIC!

Pascha, Easter, Passover

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lili A New Birth!

Easter embraces the great mystery of rebirth, with its promise of transformation — a shift from one form to another, and a change that moves well beyond any actual understanding.                                                                                                                     Jay Parini

This is a time for remembrance and a time to be grateful. It is also the time to choose a new way of Life.

What are you taking for granted in your life? Perhaps it is a relationship, a parent, a friend, a job, or maybe your health, your good fortune, your comfort?

Once again you have the opportunity to choose otherwise and know WHY you are doing so.

What will it be?

What will be your new theme: Service, Compassion, Connection, Co-Creation?

What if the very things you are resisting the most…

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What if the very things you are resisting the most…



are the very stepping stones to your true self?

Tomorrow I will be interviewed for a Tele-Summit that will be coming out in June 2015. We will be talking about Resistance. I will be talking about Resisting your Vulnerability.

Where is resistance exactly coming from? What causes it’s appearance? What to do when it shows up? What to ask yourself?


Once you know that Reality opposes nothing, resistance is obsolete. Reality needs no defense and offers none. You do not need defense therefore no resistance is necessary.

When I surrendered to my Vulnerability a whole new world opened up for me. In my defenselessness I stand, with no fear, no expectations, no resistance.

I have finally found my true emptiness where pure love is. In my emptiness, I found my fullness.

In this tele-summit multiple experts will be interviewed on the subject. What would you like to ask us?

Please leave a comment below so we can answer all of your questions.