I Need Do Nothing

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Inspiration, SOAR Movement, vulnerability | 0 comments

Really? What do you mean?

I talk about it in my book SOAR with Vulnerability: from the moment you think you need something, you are coming from this place of lack or this place of perception of lack.  And this is really what you want to look at: the Perception. 

Perception is only perception. It is NOT real. Just like opinion is just that, an  opinion. Does it make it the truth or reality? Of course not. It only makes it real or true to the one who believes in it. The ultimate truth can never be shaken or destroy. Oh! Of course some people have tried in the past and are still trying. The truth is truth will prevail it all. It is not our humanely decision. It is not even our life. Ouch! I know I still need to work through this myself .

It is not my life. It is Life coming through me . But boy, did I buy into the illusion of believing that this is my life. I feel like I am on a roller coaster between the illusion and the truth, the truth and the illusion.