What You Have is What You Want

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Until today, you have lived a life that you have needed, you have accepted and which you have decided upon.

You have needed for your own growth and realization of self. You have accepted either in joy or in defeatism. Or you have decided upon it, subconsciously and unconsciously? Which one is it?


The painting in a frame holds the vision of something. Unfortunately that vision is very limited. Imagine the vast ocean being held in a tight frame? Imagine the deep blue sky shining of only a few stars?  Get a bigger frame and you can see so much more. What holds this limiting frame together? The history. Or more precisely your history. Your history of perceptions. Perceptions on things that happened; perceptions of a necessary external illusion, perceptions of things that happened to you or if you are a little more aware you know it happened for you. Nevertheless, you still hold a special frame around them.

Are you ready to learn more and let go of more? And of course when I say this, I really mean, are you ready to re-member and embrace?  All the knowing is inside of you, as you are Knowing.           Are you willing to accept that all things happen through you as they are YOU? I call this Seeing Beyond the frame. Seeing beyond the limitations we have created for ourselves, between ourselves. I see it everyday on YouTube and Facebook. Parents posting videos of their children at their special school where they are taught to think they are different from other children, through their race, their culture, their language, their politics, their History. Does this limiting history teach them how we are all one? Does it teach them that you and them are only words and that I is the ultimate? Does it teach them that when you hurt or judge someone, you only judge and hurt yourself as I?

Limiting History repeats itself over and over again and will continue to do so until WE stop it. And of course WE is I.


See beyond the frame and BE. See beyond the frame and stop the histories. See beyond the frame and all separations vanishes.