No more nice days!

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What? What do you mean no more nice days?


What I mean is, that now is the time to turn off the automatic pilot completely, when you wish someone a nice day. You don’t even think about what you are wishing, anyway. It has become mechanical. It’s exactly the same when someone asks you: How are you? I am good, thank you. And you? Does the one asking, really wants to know how you are? What if you would answer: Oh! Things are really bad. The one asking the question would probably find millions of excuses to get away from you and your stories.

Do you consciously take the time to be with how you feel, how you are when someone asks you this routine question? Does your answer truly reflect how you feel? Or is it simply a robotic action/reaction?

What if you would replace ‘nice day’ for ‘meaningful’ day? What if you would start your day by wishing yourself a meaningful day, and really meaning it? And for each person, you meet that day you wish them the same. I wish you a day that means something.!  WOW! You would have a lot more stop and be in the moment versus action/reaction situations.

My book SOAR with heart-fullness – keys to a meaningful life is here to remind you of this and to help you stay focused.


Until today, you have lived a life that you have needed, you have accepted and which you have decided upon.(unconsciously perhaps?)

You have needed for your own growth and realization of self.

You have accepted either in joy or in defeatism.

Have decided upon subconsciously.

By choosing to live a meaningful day, it’s not just about you anymore. It is about making a difference, a positive inspiring impact with everything that you do; even in your stillness!

I wish you a Meaningful Day All-Ways!