Am I at ease at this moment?

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Am I at ease at this moment?

This past year, my life has been like a roller coaster overcoming many challenges (I will come back to that word later in my post): health issues (of my partner), buy and sell of two houses which have caused three different moves (and you all know what a move implies, right?), multiple visits to the hospital for my elderly mother (540 km away) , and more recently the loss of my beloved Skye.
As you go go go, you do not necessarily take the time to BE in the moment, in the present. So I just reopened Eckhart Tolle’s book Practicing the Power of Now. He says: Presence is the key to Freedom, so you can only be free now. This sits so well!


I found myself alone (not lonely) for the past 15 days and it reminded me of my days in Barbados. Time of reflection, time to witness my mental and emotional state. Am I in the moment? How do I feel? What do I feel? Why? What thoughts do I have? Why?

I came to re-member Acceptance of what is, without judging it. I have to admit, it is not all-ways easy. I am guilty of it too. I found myself with a particular thought, and just reacted on it. The feeling that you get is usually never good. Being the witness of your thoughts, allows for peace and stops you in an action-reaction attitude.
As the past lives inside of you, you can either react from there or act from the present.. You will definitely get a different outcome.

When challenges present itself,  I now like to call them Destinations.  I understand that each breath that I take, each move that I make is my Destination.  Let’s embrace and listen.