Authenticity is the New Sexy!

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Authenticity is the New Sexy!



If that is true, why is there so many people still hiding behind this big tempered glass?

Honestly I don’t know why! But what I do know,  is that the people who are still standing behind that glass are the ones missing on their lives, their gifts, their blessings and true love. Not true love as finding the perfect mate or soul mate but as finding their true selves.

The true meaning of embracing your Authentic Vulnerability is about being transparent at all time. Transparent means to be clear, honest, integrous and in full harmony with who you are. Not some of the time but ALL of the time. It is about being true/transparent to yourself  at all time.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were invited to a party, family reunion, business event, etc….where your true self did not want to go? It doesn’t matter why. What matters is that your true self did not want to participate in this particular life experience.  Nevertheless you put up your suit, entered your tempered glass and went along for the ride. Not listening to your higher self and your intuition, you went along pretending that you wanted to be there, pretending to enjoy a situation or even people that you did not feel like being with at this particular moment.

Oye! Why? Why do we do this? Why do we this to ourself and to others? Why do we go against the grain of our natural beingness?

I can promise you that from the moment you stop playing that game, your whole surrounding will change along with you. I dare you to be Authentic, Transparent and Outrageous and give it to yourself once.

At least once and let me know how it turned out!.