Never Leave Your Blog Unattended!

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Never Leave Your Blog Unattended!



Coming from a long background experience in the airline business as a Flight Attendant, this above phrase is something that I have been brainwashed with. In the short form it is: “Never leave your luggage unattended“.

Of course it’s a no-brainer!  For all of you Jet-setters, you know to stick to your bag like glue; and you probably only have a small carry on to worry about. But for the occasional traveler it is very easy to get distracted by the excitement of the airport and different emotions coming up. Could be the fear of flying, agoraphobia, being in an unfamiliar environment, security checks, where do I go, do I have time, will the kids behave, or perhaps you are attracted by all the Branded shops they have these day, such as Victoria Secret, MAC, G2000, Levi’s and let’s not forget the attractive Duty free, and the theme restaurants.

Leaving your luggage unattended could be the start of a nightmare holiday. Just imagine…all your personal information gone, your personal belongings, your little black book or these days your IPhone with all your personal contact gone, your traveling itinerary, your privacy gone.

Why is it the same with your Blog?  We all need a community and your blog is where you develop and nourish your community. It is where you can express your unique voice and share your message. It is also where you can inspire others, when allowing yourself to be in your vulnerable authenticity.  And remember that vulnerability is just to be open and sensitive to yourself first and, then to others. Your blog is also where you can directly express your POV – Point of View and stand up for your Core Values.

So stick to your blog like glue! Keep these relationship going, the sharing open,the words flowing, and the inspiration shining. 

And I promise I will to. I realize I have not been in contact with you for a few months now and I sincerely apologize. I do not have excuses. I have reasons. And if you stay tuned, I will share some of the things I have learned over the summer. For those of you who know me very well, you know that I thrive on getting out of my comfort zone and pushing the limits in all aspects. Growing in expansion, I like to call it.

I am also inviting you to post your comments on the topic of the day, or the week or the month. Our stories are all intertwined. And I am opening my heart to your inspiration.

Thank you for being you and for being here.