How to Get Over It?

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How to Get Over It?

My last post is still lingering in me and probably will, for many more days if not, weeks to come.

In the meantime Life must go on! 

And part of this life is to overcome our own limitations, boundaries, fears, challenges, crisis and doubts.


Doubts about ourselves, our reasons of being here, our purpose, our true mission.

Mary Buchan, Author of the forthcoming book OVER IT, explains it so well in her book, as she has overcome her own IT.

Mary dedicates her book to women everywhere who are committed to overcoming any circumstances that keep them from being their authentic selves. “You are overcomers. You are mothers and wives and sisters. You are business women and homemakers and dreamers. Your are visionaries and volunteers. You are artists and musicians and poets and advocates for creating the best possible world” she says.

Mary Buchan is an author, a singer, a songwriter, a nurse, a coach, a wife, a mother, a MidlifestyleRNventor.  She is conducting a Book Blog Hop right now and she is inviting you to join her.

By clicking this link you will be able to listen to the second part of an interview I was so privileged to have with Mary. Please do not hesitate to email her at: to find out how she did it!


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